Friday, March 9, 2007

In the past…

It might seem like the natural order of things: The young look forward to the future while those with most of their lives behind them happily into reminiscence. But it becomes a problem when the starts living completely in the past and ignoring the present.

So someone who is unhappy with their surroundings might find it easier to retreat in the past. Indeed, there are many reasons why the past is so important to many senior citizens. Elderly people are often marginalized in life as actively as young people. If older people are fully valued and taken seriously, then they go about their lives and the present day much more positively.

Memories and old stories are not necessarily bad. Many young people begin to take account of their lives as they get old, and that dredges up a lot of memories. Instead of living silently in the past, older people should seek contact with the younger generation. Psychologist and gerontologist recommend that the middle-aged people should be sure to maintain contacts and keep their spirits up. That can means games, dancing, sports or advanced crossword puzzles. Old people should read a newspaper, watch the news, and make dates and then discuss it all. But the old stories should not be lost under any circumstances. Young people should ask older people to write down their experiences and impressions. After all telling stories from old times is not just an expression of boredom or dissatisfaction. Many interesting memories are nice and above all, interest the great grandchildren.