Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yes, I still haven't forgotten about blogging, hehe! :p

Lunch with bea

Wow... Haven’t blogged in such a long time... Ok. So basically it's summer and like most of the people here on earth, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff to be more productive. Bea, my friend, was on the google and we talked this morning and our conversation goes like this:

ME: genius kse yun

B: I don't remember having an issue with anyone on LIVEJOURNAL, ate

ME: me too

B: hehehe. i don't believe that t1moune don't have issues anymore with the educ.girl

ME: that's none of our business. But I don't stalk people for more than 5 years then go stalking their friends if they don't get what they want. I knew it from the start,hehehe….you see they need to let go of things as what jemgrace said.

B: chillin' somewhere else (I’m away from the computer. I'll get back to you later.)

Me: hahahaha. What else do you know about those issues?
B: huh? Well, I was asking for the last details why you can’t give me the last info. ?

Me: hahahahahaha. oh, I didn't say anything about them,ayaw ko ng gulo.Wala akong ibang hangad kundi peace on earth.

B: kanta naming yan. I just find it amazing how they did that.
ME: oh nakita MO NA un ? yikes. Hehehe.
B: anyway, coz we really hAVE common friends...YOU know Sali ka na kse
Me: pero you & Father were able to establish that connection.... so that's weird
don't you think that's weird? Oh, don't pass the ball to me. I didn't do any enlightening. You just gave all these info and i asked questions. i didn't confirm anything. You know that. But thanks!

B: you were mentioning people i know. and hindi naman ako busy so i accomodated those incidents and responded to them. fair enough? eh? Kya si Kenneth natatawa lalo na last year ang plastic.Even you mentioned to nblog I liked your hair so how do you manage iT?

Me: promise civil lang ako.choir workshop un. Nyarks. Hahahahahahaha.sabi nga ni fr.ben who cares? i appreciate that. You know that carlo said to me: hope you can get hold of our other cds as well and watch our concert. I replied said: oh that’s nice but I have your songs at my I pod that’s enough.un etc…..

B: ATE ganito na lang total the bf of yours connected sa kanila,mag-member kana sa amin anyway gtg,see yah

Me: luka-luka ayaw ko that’s my decision.kahit na sa inyo ako,magugulo pa rin nila ako,basta magulo open palm yun na.

B:OKEI Mwah!!!