Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)

My two friends ate celine and bianca asked me to answered a survey again, and here's the result:
You scored as Psychology. You should be a Psychology major!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with

these survey showed that life does not turn out the way you planned it. and for me I'm doing more on communications tasked.There is little demand in the commercial world for excellence. There is a much, much bigger demand for mediocrity.

The truth is I am glad it’s this way. Imagine a world where all clients were wonderful, where we could produce whatever we felt like with no restrictions, with everybody having freedom to produce all their fantasies unfettered by tedious clients. What would we do?

We would react against it saying, “ Isn’t this boring? How can we be dull? Let’s do it badly. Let’s make it ugly. And let’s make it really cheaply.

That’s the nature of the creative person. All creative people need something to rebel against. It’s what gives their lives excitement and it’s creative people who make the clients’ lives exciting.It’s Not How Good You Are, But How Good You Want To Be.Strike while the iron is hot. then right now I'm taking my 1 hour break because I'm not yet eating my lunch coz teejay will be here,ksama daw niya si bea asan sila? usual late.


This very funny I found right now,while waiting to some people,

very funny when you watch it in real life if you find something funny. but that's another fun and adventure.Got to go back to work in the meantime while waiting hangad ko dumating na sila.

peace ;)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Loved for Starbucks!

Oreo Cheesecake is still Oreo Cheesecake and I still love it! And the new Starbucks packaging rocks! It's red, baby! It's FABULOUS. So do people really get a happiness of more than PhP 140 when they drink that cup of Frappuccino? Tom Hanks mentions it well on You've Got Mail. You have to make a hundred decisions before you can order coffee. Tall! decaf! non-fat! latte! That's all for today, fabulous

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Koreanovela Princess Hours (Goong) =)

for more click here

ABSCBN just released a tagalog version of Perhaps Love aka "Sarang In Ga Yo" by Howl & J performed by Christian Bautista and Rachell Ann Go.

i must say the rendition and translation's good =) you'll get to hear a short part of it in this plug =)

here is the song's Korean lyrics with its English and Filipino translations.

you can download the original version here


uhn jeh yuht duhn guhn jee gee uhk nah jeen ah nah
jah kkoon nae muh ree gah nuh roh uh jee ruhp duhn shee jahk
hahn doo buhn ssheek dduh oh reu duhn saeng gahk
jah kkoo neul uh gah suh joh geum dang hwang seu ruh oon ee mah eum

byuhl eel ee ah neel soo eet dah goh
sah soh hahn mah eum ee rah goh
nae gah neh geh jah koo (neh geh jah koo)
mahl eul hah neun geh uh saek hahn guhl

sarang een gah yo
geu dae nah wah gaht dah myuhn shee jahk een gah yo
mahm ee jah koo geu dael sarang hahn dae yo
ohn seh sang ee deud doh rohk soh ree chee neh yo
wae ee jeh yah deul lee jyoh~ OOH~
suh rohl mahn nah gee wee hae ee jeh yah sarang chah jaht dah goh

jee geum nae mah eum eul suhl myung hah ryuh hae doh
nee gah nae gah dweh uh mahm eul neu kkee neun bang buhp ppoong een deh

ee mee nahn nee ahn eh eet neun guhl
nae ahn eh nee gah eet deu shee
oo reen suh roh eh geh (suh roh eh geh)
ee mee geel deul yuh jeen jee mohl lah

sarang een gah yo geu dae nah wah gaht dah myuhn shee jahk een gah yo
mahm ee jah koo geu dael sarang hahn dae yo
ohn seh sang ee deud doh rohk soh ree chee neh yo
wae ee jeh yah deul lee jyoh~ OOH~
suh rohl mahn nah gee wee hae ee jeh yah sarang chah jaht dah goh

saeng gahk hae boh myuhn (saeng gahk hae boh myuhn) mah neun soon gahn sohk eh (sohk eh)
uhl mah nah mah neun (YEAH~) suhl leh eem ee ssuht neun jee
joh geum neu jeun geu mahn keum nahn duh jahl hae jool kkeh yo..

hahm kkeh hahl kkeh yo choo uhk ee dwehl gee uhk mahn suhl mool
hahl kkeh yo
dah sheen nae gyuh teh suh dduh nah jee mah yo
jjahl beun soon gahn joh chah doh bool ahn hahn guhl yo
nae geh muh mool luh jwuh yo~ OOH~
geu dael ee ruh geh mah nee (geu toh rohk mah nee)
sarang hah goh ee ssuh yo (geu dae yuh yah mahn) ee mee~



I don't know when it all started
When my head became dizzy with thoughts of you
These thoughts would often pop up in my mind
I feel anxious as my heart expands towards you

It's nothing…it's just a little thing
Your words are awkward to me

Is it love? If you feel the same way, is it a beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you
It screams out for the whole world to hear
Why has it taken so long for me to hear it?
We've finally met…finally found love

If I wanted to show you how I feel
The only way would be for you to become me

I'm already inside of you
Just like you're inside of me
To each other [to each other]
We may already be too accustomed

Is it love? If you feel the same way, is it a beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you
It screams out for the whole world to hear
Why has it taken so long for me to hear it?
We've finally met…finally found love

When I think about it [when I think about it]
I realize how many moments there were when my heart trembled
I'll try as harder as I was late in realizing my feelings
I'll be with you, I'll only give you fond memories
Please don't ever leave me again
Even the shortest moments without you make me uneasy
Please stay by me~

I already love you so much (you're the only one)



Hindi na maalala pa’no nagsimula
Ikaw ang laging nasa isip ko bawat araw
Laging ikaw aking nakikita
Ano ba ang nadarama ko
tuwing ikaw ay kasama

Ganyan din ang nadarama ko
Tuwing ika’y lalapit sa akin
Ako’y parang natutulala
Hindi ko malaman ang sasabihin ko

Pag-ibig na kaya?
Pareho ang nadarama, ito ba ay simula?
’Di na mapipigilan, pag-ibig nga ito
Sana’y ’di matapos ang nadaramang ito
Pag-ibig nga kaya ito? (Pag-ibig nga kaya ito?)
’Pagkat nararamdaman pag-ibig ating natagpuan

Malalaman mo lang ang nararamdaman
Kung ako ay magiging ikaw
Damdamin nati’y magsama

Laman ng puso ko’y ganyan din
Ikaw ay narito na sa akin
‘Di ko hahayaang mawalay
Dito ka sa aking piling

Pag-ibig na kaya?
Pareho ang nadarama, ito ba ay simula?
’Di na mapipigilan, pag-ibig nga ito
Sana’y ’di matapos ang nadaramang ito
Pag-ibig nga kaya ito? (Pag-ibig nga kaya ito?) Ooohh
’Pagkat nararamdaman pag-ibig natagpuan

Gagawin lahat (gagawin lahat)
Upang ’di magkalayo (upang ’di magkalayo)
Nandito lang ako ’di kita iiwan
Kahit sandali hindi ko papayagan
Mawalay ka sa akin

Pag-ibig na kaya?
Pareho ang nadarama, ito ba ay simula?
’Di na mapipigilan, pag-ibig nga ito
Sana’y ’di matapos ang nadaramang ito
Pag-ibig nga kaya ito? (Pag-ibig nga kaya ito?) Ooohh
’Pagkat nararamdaman
Pag-ibig natin na natagpuan


Goong is a romantic drama that begins with the premise that modern Korea is a constitutional monarchy with a king. It then sets the story of a noble crown prince (Shin Goon) and an ordinary school girl (Shin Chaegyung) who were pledged to be married to each other against their will. The story becomes more interesting as they discover along the way how much they love each other =)
i’ve just finished watching the 24 episodes of the koreanovela Princess Hours (Goong) a few weeks ago, and I must say it’s one of the best koreanovelas i’ve ever seen =) The production, the actors, not to mention the Cinderella love story were enough to make me watch the series all over again (i’m on my third round of viewing now) =P
I highly recommend you watch this series with someone =) wehehe the sweet scenes might make you swoon and it might be hard to get kilig alone ;o)

hmm, for those who haven't seen it, maybe you'll like it as much as i did =)
wehehe for those peeps who've seen this, what can you say about it? ;o)

A CREDO For my relationship with others

I turned on my Computer and logged on Lycos,then got an e-mail from ate naya,the email was all about us.

You and I are in a relationship which I value and want to keep. Yet each of us is a separate person with his own unique needs and the right to meet those needs.

When you are having problems meeting your needs, I will try to listen with genuine acceptance in order to facilitate your findings your own solutions instead depending on mine, I also will try to respect your right to choose your own beliefs and develop your own values, different though they may be from mine.

However, when your behavior interferes with what I must do to get my own needs met, I will openly and honestly tell you how your behavior affects me, trusting that you respect my needs and feelings enough to try change the behavior that is unacceptable to me. Also, whenever some behavior of mine is unacceptable to you, I hope you will openly and honestly tell me your feelings. I will then listen and try to change my behavior.

At those times when we find that neither of us cannot change his behavior to meet other’s losing. I respect your needs, but I also must respect my own. So let us always strive to search for a solution that will be acceptable to both of us. Your needs will be met, but so will be mine – neither will lose; both will win.

In this way, you can continue to develop as a person through satisfying your needs, but so can I, Thus a course your needs but so can I. Thus, ours can be a healthy relationship in which each of us can strive to become what he is capable of being. And can continue to relate to each other with mutual respect, love and peace.

-Thomas Gordon, Ph.D.


We all need someone who can listen to journey with us in our pain. Most often we receive people who feel obligated to give and advice without really understanding what we are going through. This is why some people stop disclosing altogether. “What’s” the point? “Some would say, “Nobody really understands.”

Not too many of us really listen. Yet the main ingredient in a therapeutic relationship lies precisely in our ability to listen, not just with our hearts, but with our total being.

The good therapist knows full well that active, emphatic listening is at the heart of the healing process. When I listen to you I am giving you freedom of speech. I am saying in effect: go ahead; it’s okay to feel that way and to report it to me. And my freeing you from your fear and hesitancy is a great gift to you.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Everybody is "Kasali and" Kasalo" in this "Kasal", No formal invitation necessary

I had every intention of writing a review after I saw the movie “KKK" last week, but it’s hard to write a review when you have so much opinion.Like many Filipinos, I particularly enjoyed watching this movie. When the lights went up in the theater, I turned to my friend Chaye, the girl who has her books catalogued in her laptop, who thinks Joe D'Mango’s theories are common conversation fare, and who can argue the social significance of a piece of cheese.

“So,” I asked, “Did you enjoy it?”
“Uh. I agree with you it was feel good movie.”
The movie is already being talked about. Those who have seen the “KKK” are one in saying; they had won the people’s heart. Juday – Ryan fans won’t be disappointed.

As a whole I learned a lot from “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” and I’m sure my readers would agree to me that “one is that couple’s problem should stay within just the two of them. It shouldn’t leak to anyone else. It’s always between you and your partner and not you and your surrounding. If you want a messy marriage then just spread your problems. For a quiet life, settle your differences together peacefully. Communication as a key to ironing out relationship that wrinkles. Couples should find time to talk which is an integral part of a relationship because it always results to better understanding of each other". I’m speaking like I’m married. hehe, that’s nice. Probably ten years from now then I’ll have my own children of course with my special someone, I’m sure that time both of us are out of rat race.

Thumbs Down

Manila Bay above and Laguna de Bay below

One of the nice things about traveling is the amenities one gets on board an airline. Especially when you’re in business class and first class, the amenities are an absolute delight ~ excellent wine and cuisine, marvelous service (so much pampering!), the multiple entertainment system, atbp. Because competition in the air travel industry is so fierce, the airlines try to out do one another with more and new amenities. They try to lure business class and first class passengers with their executive lounges at the airports, offering more luxurious facilities, superb cuisine, electronic devices geared for traveling business men, atbp. All of which are designed to make traveling as one would say ~ worth trip.
I’m so disappointed to another airline which I had the misfortune to taking recently on a trip to Australia. The airline used to be my favorite since I especially like their in-flight service and food… that is until, I took it to Australia in economy class.

Our flight was the very first in the morning, virtually at dawn, out of NAIA. Of course, I was expecting to get breakfast in flight. Dear, dear, talk about expectations! Evidently, there is a world of difference between business class and economy class on the airline.

What we got was a tuna sandwich in a bun, a macaroni salad and a choice of beverage –juice, soda, coffee or tea. The tuna in the sandwich evidently had been prepared the night before. It was dry, tasteless and had no mayonnaise or anything to ease our pain.
We had coffee which was okay except that…refills? Forget it. The attendants were nowhere in sight until it was time to collect the trays.
Our flight home was at the dinner hour. Dinner was…guess what?... a sandwich bun (same as breakfast) which stewardess said was “tuna” but tasteless suspiciously of canned sardines which I didn’t eat because I don’t like it. And yes, I didn’t bother to look for refills of my sprite.
Airlines have been cutting corners to reduce operation costs – and I don’t blame them. But I think economy class passengers also have right to a decent hot meal. Those fares aren’t exactly cheap, you know!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Would you date someone very famous?

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when we’re talking about the pretty faces you see in media, their kind of beauty will pop the eyes out of any beholder’s head. Let’s face it; they’re beautiful for a living. They get paid to look like a million bucks, and they make all the guys ‘head spin because of it. Any and every boy out there would give their right arm to date a supermodel, an actress, or a beauty queen. Or would they? While it is fun to imagine (to the guy point of view) what it would be like to have a model dropped on their arms, it’s not necessarily a lifestyle every guy would like to lead. Believe it or not, a surprisingly large number of boys would still choose to end up with a friend, a neighbor, or the girl next door. Ordinary girls still have a lot of things going for them when compared to high – profile ladies, and a lot of cases will prove that point. How, you ask? Well, let’s see…
1. Guys want someone they can be themselves with.
If a guy had the chance to take a supermodel out on a date, chances are they wouldn’t bring them to a Jollibee or McDonald. It just wouldn’t be right, right? But the majority of guys want someone who’ll they can have fun with. They want someone naughty and nice type. Someone who’s exciting not boring, and crazy enough to make him laugh. And nice would mean who wouldn’t cheat on him.
2. Friendship is more important than looks.
A boy between on the age of 22-30 actually has the means to bring a celebrity lady out on a date. What would they end up talking about? They’d probably end up laboring over small talk regarding careers, politics, fashion and gadgets, while the guy tries to get the hang of what Ms. Celebrity is into. Whereas if he simply a dated a long time friend, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything, because they’re already familiar with each other’s habits, like, and dislikes. So what would a guy choose? The answer’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?
3. The recognition factor can be a bit too much.
These are models, after all, whose faces are plastered on TVs, posters, and billboards everywhere. So if the guy walks around with one, most, if not all, eyes will be on him and his hot date. Some guys may like the attention, but others will wilt under the intense spot light. To keep something quiet, everything has to be low –key. Besides, can you imagine how weird it could get when your date’s enlarged face is grinning at you from across the road?
4. Guys do like to feel secure.
These ladies look hot and probably (make that definitely) make more money than him. It’s hard for a guy to maintain his self – image and keep his cool when he’s with someone whose smile puts out a million megawatts and who seems as well- known as the pope.
5. Work can get in the way.
When you go out with someone who looks good for a living, you have to put up with the hectic lifestyle that goes with it as well. These ladies are at the becks and call of their chosen profession, so it’s not impossible that their guys won’t see them for weeks or even months at a time ~ and there’s nothing they can do about it. Guys need their significant others around (although they’ll rarely admit it), so why would they go for someone who probably wont be around most of the time?
At the end of it all, what guys look for is someone with a great personality and who’s not afraid to be herself no matter what. There are probably a lot of celebrity chicks like that, but these ladies will always have an image to nurture and protect ~ and that may be a hindrance. Ordinary girls, on the other hand, have the advantage of not having to live up to someone else’s standards, and so they can be themselves 24/7. A high – profile lady will probably worry so much about her looks that she’ll spend an eternity in the powder room trying to get that “just right” look. The friend or girl – next – door probably won’t be as high-maintenance as a society girl, so that’s an immediate plus.

Cheesy flare shot! I love him!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

R Lashes out, But Does C Take the Bait?

“You’re Late, I snapped at C as he approached. Not ten seconds ago. I watched a Tanya, a girl from somewhere, passed him by as he walked in our direction. She chatted him up for a good minute, and then touched his arm before saying goodbye, flashing him her most winning smile. He watched her walk away before approaching us, taking his sweet time.

But he was 1 hour and 15 minutes late, and we had missed the Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo (KKK) movie we had wanted to see. Chaye and I were excited to see this movie, and C and his friend Alien had reluctantly agreed to come watch with us if we treated them to Fiesta San Miguel.

“Really sorry,” C said, apologetic. We called your LG KE800 , you were asleep.” I was trying to remember whether C thought Tanya was cute.” Don’t you have clocks?” I said dryly.

Chaye looked at me sharply “It’s no problem, hehehe! We’re good, we’re okay. We’re watching KKK,” she declared as she steered all of us towards the ticket booth.

“Dude, you’re gonna be the end of me,” Alien complained to C behind me. “Juday and Ryan film?! I wanted a no-brainer afternoon!”

I turned to him and laughed. Alien was rather cute, in a slacker – rebel-devil-may-care sort of way. “I know! I wanted to pick up hip lingo and ogle at pretty clothes,” I confessed.

C looked at Alien and then at me and glowered, “What are you talking about? You live for stupid culture! You couldn’t forgive me for sleeping through lost in translation!”

I gave him a fake smile. “Well, that’s not the only time you got in trouble for napping, now is it?” I said, sarcastic.

C gave me a deep bored look before ignoring me. “Tanya was looking awfully cute, wasn’t she?” he asked Alien.

Alien shrugged. “So R, do you like Sharon Cuneta?” he asked me, ignoring him. I was really beginning to like this Alien.

I sat down next to him in the theater only to have C plop down beside me to my right. I leaned back in a huff and squished C’s arm behind me as he was passing Alien some potato chips.

“Oww!” he cried out.” If you wanted to get back at me for something, assault is not the way to go, you know?” he whispered in my ear.

“Well, witty, sarcastic, and dry dialogue might not work either” cause I’m not sure you won’t sleep through that,” I whispered back.

For the rest of the movie, Alien was chatty, which I enjoyed. I laughed and agreed with all of his observations, conscious of the fact that C was sulking beside me, stuffing his face with potato chips.

When the movie ended, it was drizzling out. We’d had merienda, and we were ready to head home. Alien’s dad’s car swung by, and we bid him goodbye. “Had a really fun time,” I called out after him. C rolled his eyes.

Chaye was going to take me home, and C was staying behind to have dinner at the mall with his boss. I’ll go look for the driver; he might be sleeping in the car. We’ll swing by for you!” she advised, already out in the pavement, with the mall guard holding out an umbrella for her.

I looked at C, the image of him checking out Tanya as she walked away, all but erased from my memory.” I’m going after her, I know where we’re parked,” I said stepping out into the rain.

Behind me, I head him groan in frustration. The next thing I knew, he was walking beside me, stripping off his jacket and holding it up over my head so I wouldn’t get wet.

“You’ll get sick,” he explained quietly.
“Get in here with me,” I said.
“It’s not big enough, you’ll get wet.”
“Please,” I pleaded. We’ll fit.”
And we did. And we walked in silence, his arm around me , his hand over my head , and my heart in my throat.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cheers to us!!!

2006 is just a memory now. And I like what my father said about the stuff that happened last year. Months or years from now, although those memories will probably remain, the feelings attached to them won't. By then, you'd be able to look back at all those events with a rational mind and you'd probably go, "what the hell was I thinking?" or "why the hell did I even cry about that?" haha. And you'll just laugh at it all and be happy that these things happened because you learn from them, grow from them and become a better person because of them. These experiences serve to better equip you for whatever other things may come your way the next year and all the other years after that.

Anyway...its the 4th day of New Year and you are probably thinking of things you can start doing ~ or dropping altogether. Here are a few tips for you my dear readers:

1. Believe that your problems aren’t setbacks but are opportunities.
2. Live everyday as if it were your last.
3. Get a gift for someone for no reason at all.
4. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself.
5. Buy a Christmas gift earlier.
6. Save a portion of your earnings in the bank.
7. Make a wish and make it come true.
8. Buy a world map and mark all the countries you want to go.
9. Go to a corner of the city that you’ve never explored before.
10. Give notes of appreciation to your loved ones.
11. Write to the person you idolize.. Take a long walk.
l2. Smile at Stranger.
13. Keep a box of really good chocolates in your fridge for emergency purpose.
14. Buy a coloring book and crayons and use them as therapy.
15. Get enough sleep. Your body will thank you for it.
16. Go to the doctor for a full check –up.
17. Join a retreat.
18. Do not tell a single white lie for at least 24 hours.
19. Walk around your house blind folded to help you appreciate gift of sight.
20. Create your own website.
21. Look up your childhood sweetheart just to see how much he or she has changed.
22. Be vocal about your views.
23. Write poetry. Who cares if it’s bad?
24. Be patient with people around you.
25. Count your Blessings.
26. Let go of all your pain.
27. Do not waste energy on hatred and anger.
28. Watch the sunset. Watch the sun rise.
29. Talk to your plants and animals.
30. Play charades with your friends.
31. Fill your room with balloons.
32. Stare at yourself in the mirror and memorize every detail of your face–every line, every mole.
33. List down quotes that strike you in a notebook.
34. Make a list of the things you are grateful for.
35. Let a friend cry on your shoulder.
36. Mend broken friendship.
37. Realize that being alone isn’t synonymous with being lonely.
38. Have traditional Filipino children’s party complete with pabitin, palayok, sweet spaghetti and hotdogs with marshmallows no matter how old you are.

Now, it's back to reality for me. I'm here at work, stealing a few minutes from my paid time by digressing from my routine.

Again, I wish everybody a fabulous 2007! =)

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

different actions of my dogs

woody at sala

chela sleeping

chela sick

kacy stuff

my bf and his tammy

chelo what are you doing in Cervini?

chelo cutie pa rin

chelo mountain of fur

Monday, January 1, 2007

Cheers to a New Year

Today being the first day of the New Year, we also celebrate “World Day of Peace.”

Here’s a glass to usher in 2007!

Peace to those I might have hurt the past year, including my beloved colleagues who might still be smarting from jabs and uppercuts thrown their way. I seek forgiveness from the bottom of my heart.

I know I have hurt one or two, or even more. I am sorry and I apologize.

Not to pontificate but always, there should be no ifs and buts if you are sorry or else, you are not sorry at all, you are not sincere in asking for forgiveness, you are not genuine in apologizing for your misdeed.

To those who think they might have hurt me, never worry one teeny – weeny bit. If I can dish it out, I can take punches, too.

Christmas LAST December 25 was about the Child, the birth of Jesus Christ OUR Lord.

Today is about the mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary – she with the eternal symbol of peace, patience and love.

God entrusted the fragile baby Jesus under the care of the Blessed Mother. As we begin the New Year, let us entrust ourselves and the tear ahead of us under the hands of our Loving Mother.

There’s a beautiful message of the Blessed mother in Guadalupe, Mexico: “Yo estoy aqui, que soy tu madre. No tengas mied en el mundo!” (“I am here, I’m your mother. Do not fear I am near!”)

We do not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future in his hands. Like the Blessed Mother, let us be more trusting in God’s providence and love!

Let us listen again to our mother who tells us: “Remember my child, when you are happy, I’m happy. When you are sad, I am sad. When you do well, I jump with joy. When you do badly, I cry, but I will always be your mother.

Happy New Year!!!