Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cheers to us!!!

2006 is just a memory now. And I like what my father said about the stuff that happened last year. Months or years from now, although those memories will probably remain, the feelings attached to them won't. By then, you'd be able to look back at all those events with a rational mind and you'd probably go, "what the hell was I thinking?" or "why the hell did I even cry about that?" haha. And you'll just laugh at it all and be happy that these things happened because you learn from them, grow from them and become a better person because of them. These experiences serve to better equip you for whatever other things may come your way the next year and all the other years after that.

Anyway...its the 4th day of New Year and you are probably thinking of things you can start doing ~ or dropping altogether. Here are a few tips for you my dear readers:

1. Believe that your problems aren’t setbacks but are opportunities.
2. Live everyday as if it were your last.
3. Get a gift for someone for no reason at all.
4. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself.
5. Buy a Christmas gift earlier.
6. Save a portion of your earnings in the bank.
7. Make a wish and make it come true.
8. Buy a world map and mark all the countries you want to go.
9. Go to a corner of the city that you’ve never explored before.
10. Give notes of appreciation to your loved ones.
11. Write to the person you idolize.. Take a long walk.
l2. Smile at Stranger.
13. Keep a box of really good chocolates in your fridge for emergency purpose.
14. Buy a coloring book and crayons and use them as therapy.
15. Get enough sleep. Your body will thank you for it.
16. Go to the doctor for a full check –up.
17. Join a retreat.
18. Do not tell a single white lie for at least 24 hours.
19. Walk around your house blind folded to help you appreciate gift of sight.
20. Create your own website.
21. Look up your childhood sweetheart just to see how much he or she has changed.
22. Be vocal about your views.
23. Write poetry. Who cares if it’s bad?
24. Be patient with people around you.
25. Count your Blessings.
26. Let go of all your pain.
27. Do not waste energy on hatred and anger.
28. Watch the sunset. Watch the sun rise.
29. Talk to your plants and animals.
30. Play charades with your friends.
31. Fill your room with balloons.
32. Stare at yourself in the mirror and memorize every detail of your face–every line, every mole.
33. List down quotes that strike you in a notebook.
34. Make a list of the things you are grateful for.
35. Let a friend cry on your shoulder.
36. Mend broken friendship.
37. Realize that being alone isn’t synonymous with being lonely.
38. Have traditional Filipino children’s party complete with pabitin, palayok, sweet spaghetti and hotdogs with marshmallows no matter how old you are.

Now, it's back to reality for me. I'm here at work, stealing a few minutes from my paid time by digressing from my routine.

Again, I wish everybody a fabulous 2007! =)


asiatic said...

hahahaa! galing :) thanks for sharing :)i need to follow your things you can do for 2007! :)All people should! Positivism = no wrinkles.
Age defying chemicals are too costly. :)You got a three acoounts at multiply hmmm... let me see. nakita ko na un 3.1 account at friendster.1account at myspace.3. sa multiply.kalupet anyway dropping by to say happy new year and lav yah!!!!

Anonymous said...

ah. sweet. sounds like it will be good for this year. I've heard that you're coming here this summer,sabay ba kayo ni kenneth? how about carl? masasabi ko lang...hay naku. just keep me updates there w/bp okei.miss yah .and mag-bati na kayo ni carlo enrique for all time to the gf C.T. she's nice naman.
send my regards to AFI & to JESCOMM.
=ate candice

liz clairborne said...

Thank you for dropping by...:)
glad to know you guys had fun visiting my new blog!!!! :)
happy new year, other info. you put here don't worry i won't delete or modify harmless naman, just check your email for my replies.okei please. wait for my email.don't comment na hahaha...for world peace thanks!!!!