Monday, February 26, 2007


To my loved ones, friends

and even strangers,

who have touched my life.

I am gratified

that in my sufferings,

your time and resources, and prayers seem like gifts from above.

In the end, there will be no tears

sad notes, mournful words,

no remorse for what you

could have done.

Life is too short

for all human dreams,

but it is better by far

to leave behind

love that bind us.

I feel heaven’s hold

And hear its call ~

beautiful and serene…

There are no words

with which to speak

or write about it.

This entry is dedicated to all those people whose time I have wasted listening to all my vents, rages, angst, frustrations, and hopes. You know who you are. Kung wala kayo, marahil ay baliw na ako.

Friends come and go but there are some you would want to keep forever but though you want to keep that person in your life that person doesn't usually agree to that and you end up wondering if they are worth the importance you've given to them in your life.

How can someone be such an essential part of our life and just vanish the next day? If I knew the answer to this I won't be having a hard time dealing with losing someone but I don't so I feel all miserable about it. I'm not good at handling new emotions and going through with this is something I don't know how to deal with. I'm not saying I never lost someone before but not in these circumstances. I would have easily accepted it if I did something really terrible but I don't recall doing that. I wish I know how to quit her but I can't. I know I'm being pathetic and ridiculous and is really damaging my ego but for some unknown reason I can't seem to just let go.

Things were said that no one ever intended to say and yet they were uttered and it brought about such emotional stress to the people involved. If it were up to me I won't let that get in a way of a good friendship but it was not up to me this time. She had made her decision and there's nothing I say or do can change that. Undoubtedly her decision to end it will cause me pain but it's something I have to accept and there's no use dwelling on it. Right now I just have to try my best not to think about her and I'll keep myself occupied with other things. I'll miss her for sure but life goes on.

Though I lost one friend last week another old friend had came back yesterday or more like I decided to contact her and meet up with her. Friends like her are the ones I should ensure I don't lose because in spite of us not seeing each other for months she's always on call when I need her around. Actually the reason why I asked her to have lunch with me is that I didn't want to stay at home because I might be tempted to try to contact the person who wants me not to talk to her. We talked for hours while I was passing time before I pick up my younger sister from school. It's always nice to know that there are people you can count on any time you need them and it's always nice to catch up on old times. Actually at one point in time we considered each other the best of friends and I'd always be her friend in school projects during high school and we've known each other since grade school. Originally she was a friend of my sister but when we were in high school we became close and we've been good friends ever since.

Stubbornness is never a good trait and so is too much persistent. I know eventually I'll get over this and just hope it's soon. I wish that when I wake up in the morning I'll stop remembering that person.

I even find myself thinking about the people who became a part of my life. Those who are still around, those who became a part of my past and those I want to just let go and be part of yesterday.

Indeed there are many people who became a part of my life and now I'm left to thinking who among them was worth knowing and keeping in my life. Some of them I've totally forgotten and stop being friends with, there are some who I try to forget but one way or the other they manage to haunt my thoughts. Right now I'm thinking of making one of them part of those people who just came in to my life, thought me something, I've learned to love and care for but will be best if she's out of my life for good.

You see I have this tendency to get too attached to people sometimes and yet I know that I'm literally wasting my time, effort, and money on that person but still I would insist on being friends with that person.

The problem with this whole forgetting about someone business is that you can't make it easy for anyone. You'll either get hurt or you'll end up hurting someone. The annoying thing about this is that you'll end up missing the person and even though you resolve to distant yourself from her and find other things to do, you still end up wondering about how she is doing and thus starting over a cycle.

A cycle of caring, being worried, being annoyed, being disappointed, and any other feelings you can think of. One thing hard about letting someone be a part of your life and opening yourself up to that person and eventually caring for that person is that you open yourself to disappointments.

I'm not even going bother explaining what I'm feeling now. I'm tired of that and besides even though I try to explain things to that person won't get what I'm trying to say, it always get misinterpreted so I'll keep quiet and will just one day stop talking to her. I think one less person to think about and stress over will be good for me. Besides there are still better friends left whom I should be giving more attention to. The only thing regretful about is the friendship is that you weren't able to do what you want to do to help the person out. It wouldn't be all that bad if you were able to make a difference in her life or at least help her with the mess she's in but then waiting for that to happen will just cause more unnecessary stress so I can't wait for that anymore and besides I'm tired of it.

On a related note: These lines describe how I feel for her. *winks*
I know I've done my very best to save my friend from that asshole If I'm not mistaken that bf he has right now is influencing her to disobey her parents.The whole thing about that bf has been going on far too long, don't you ever get tired of it? of course I'm very tired of reminding her and be her shoulder to cry on whenever that bf does something stupid such as cheating her and asked money from my dear little pathetic friend.

I'll give her time to be on her own this time, I just don't push it anymore. I'm going to distance myself from her and now is the time to do that. Giving up on her does not mean admitting defeat, it just means that I'm smart enough to accept things is not working out as I want it to be. ..

After all there this freedom that comes with age, and what am i going to do with all that? Be happy and never disobey your parents, especially they're the people would always be there for you no matter what happens.And keeps a select of good friends, including those from childhood and try myself to be open to new friendship. Anyway, I don't think I'll be journaling here... cause I'd be very busy to finish the marketing research I might not be able to post often in the coming days.=)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Is this the modern Pinay?

Filipino Women in general are strong – willed and independent. They perceive a career as measure of achievement and self worth. They decide for themselves.

Based on a study conduct by geiser, Filipino women today are modern in terms of their outlook on gender equality but tend still to be conservative particularly in relationships.

Their focus remains to be on relationship with their parents and the welfare of their family. This situates today’s Pinay as part of the evolving women group in Asia. Most Filipino women perceive themselves to be part of a growing trend ~ a sense of liberation in career and society.

The ACNielsen Worldwide study showed that women in Asia are clearly more independent, know what they want and are not afraid to speak their minds. They may still hold dear to their traditional values such as filial piety, respect of the family and performing their duties as good wife, mother and daughter but many have breakthrough to see the importance of personal fulfillment and self-actualization throughtheir career and social work.

We are seeing across markets that women are enjoying being a women and thinking about what they want to get out of their lives. Hong kong, Taiwan and Singapore women are most advanced in terms of their status and position as women in their societies. Chinese women are fast catching up and the evolving groups of women are those from our country together with Thailand and Malaysia.

Acnielsen findings revealed that Philippines have the highest number of women earning more than their spouses, followed by Singapore. Filipino women agree that even if married, they should have savings of their own. They see the financial independence guarantees one’s security. However they believe that money does not dictates who wears the pants in the relationship.

Women in the Philippines (together with Malaysia) are most positive about marriage. When asked which Filipino women would prefer – a great body or beautiful face – preferences are more even. For a Pinay, inner beauty counts more than physical appearance. Beauty is equated with confidence and intelligence.

Out of 10 Filipinas, 5 out of them are the modern day Darna – these women aim to balance career and family life. Their career gives them pleasure and a sense of achievement but they still feel that it is still the family that matter most; and the others are the classic Maria Clara who embodies a more subdued personality and outlook in life. So who are you among the clusters that mentioned above? You’d probably have a guess by now.

This looks like the area I’ll be staying at. So this the center of the universe, huh?view of SFO financial district...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh well, I'm going to eat my Lunch

Good news! I woke up at 4:45 this morning. haha That was an achievement. I've been waking up most of the time at 6:45 A.M. so I could be there in the office at 9:30 A.M. my call time to work. That explains why I'm feeling a little happier because I have very nice scheduled that I'm sure a lot of people will love to be traded places with me.

It's been a busy month for me. I obviously don't have the luxury of time to update some of my blogs. A lot's been going on - occupying my mind. I've been through one heck of a roller coaster ride these past few weeks. It mostly concerns my work really..I've been thrust to a position I hardly had training for. I'm still feeling my way through. But I'm learning. Like I said before - I just need time.

I am not alive to please other people. I am alive to please God. I am here to give God glory. But I have failed countless times. And He has forgiven me countless times too. I serve a magnificent God. There is nothing I can do to make God love me more. But there is also nothing I can do to make God love me less. What a comforting fact.. God is so good!

My work is draining only because it's a five-day work-week. My only rest day is Sunday and Saturday is time for school.But I'm not complaining. I'm learning a lot of new things.

Do you know that ampalaya is a Juice? Since our company preparing a campaign Health 101, well our team assigned to study all the herbal and a lot of stuff.That's what I've been up to this past few days: learning all the plants and the natural benefits of it.I have also been acquainting myself with the processes that goes on in and out of the research. A whole new jargon to master..Two more weeks in the research then gather the information!!! Then I'm on the way to finish..

my drink for lunch is fresh ampalaya with tomato juice. so yeah. today i pureed three fresh tomatoes (sans seeds) and two ampalaya and produced 14 ounces of really disgusting taste*drinks a bit* and here i am left staring at fourteen ounces of devil juice. But if you want a clear skin na!... NOW na! and i want my future children to have clear skin too. i can picture them hating me na.

my lunch is look liked a hamburger, but that's oaltmeal.Ash-Wednesday na po.

Oh well, I'm going back to eat my meal and I'll end this here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Save the Words

Got this from Ms. Ong:

From now on, I'm making you learn to type properly.Now, I'm not saying that you can't slip up sometimes... if you make some typos, that's okay; no one's perfect. But ignoring every single rule of the English language is not cool. I don't care if you aren't good at typing yet... Use the fingers correctly as a chance to teach yourself how to type properly!

Type in proper English. Here is a small summary:

1.) Capitalize and punctuate as close to what you know is correct. If you slip up it's okay, but if ALL your posts show that you aren't even trying, you may be in trouble.
2.) If you have significant difficulties with spelling, please use a spellchecker each time you post. Occasionally not knowing how to spell something and/or making typos is fine, just so long as it's completely accidental.
3.) Go easy on the internet shorthand. Write out "you" and "thanks" and "are" rather than "u" "thx" "r" and etc. Things like 'lol' and other abbreviations are fine as long as they don't absolutely dominate your posts.

Have fun!! I know all these rules seem like a lot to keep in mind, but if you just use your head you'll be fine. Happy Use of the internet as a place to make friends and enjoy yourself... there are lots of other people that want to do the same.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Seriously I can't BELIEVE it was Fun!

I am posting again another quiz result that I took only few minutes ago.It's showed really the desired things of your heart, quite frankly, I can't believe it.

I guess what the result of that test is that all those who have taken the time out to read this is that life is many things but it is least of all what we expect it to be NOW! Many of us are in a rush to find the RIGHT job, the RIGHT person, the RIGHT life...but do we really need to have everything in order all the time, all at once? In a movie I once watched they said..."the best things in life are total mistakes" and I agree..:) Make mistakes, open your mind, think out of the box, take leaps, give in, let go, live up to your strengths, have the grace to accept your weaknesses, know when enough is enough and when it is time to push...we grow from mistakes, we are who we are because we had fallen and learned to stand amidst it all.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

pathetic survey

hahahaha.....I'm not PRONE TO CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!!!Especially that I'm practicing for many years the virtue of active non-violence and even they're people tend to mistaken my kindness and my mission to play safe,thus showering others with my 'kindness',I neglect the feelings of those who are closest to me sometimes. Wahahahahaha! :)I wonder if I am just too sensitive, or if people are just plain rude? ...Hmm...maybe both?...

When a someone leaves a comment, reaction, opinion that shows your failing it’s very easy to respond harshly in a defensive manner. We’ve all seen the flaming that can ensue. While it’s not easy - a graceful approach to comments or react where you admit where you are wrong and others is right can bring out the lurkers and make them feel a little safer in leaving comments.

Yadda, I took this survey or test this morning asking how capable I was of killing... hala... check it out...

Probability of killing, 27%

You havent seen much, exept a few injuries and of course on TV. You may have a few problems with yourself and others from here to there, but there is a great chance you wont ever get pushed that far.

Are you capable of killing

Don't you just hate it when people tell you that something is wrong and then they don't tell you what it is. They really leave you guessing on what happened and then you worry like hell for their well being because they start talking about doing shit to themselves. If something is bothering you just let it out.

The worst of it is when they go I don't know why they're like that. What the hell of an explanation is that if you don't know what's making you upset then why get upset at all. It's pretty stupid to be upset something you're not sure of. Why not find out what is it first before reacting. You on the other hand will try to comfort them but you just can't do anything to change what had happened.

One other part that sucks so much is that you get affected too because you care for them and would not want them to be in that situation. You get all frustrated and you go through being annoyed, worried, angry all at the same time since you feel useless for not being able to help them out on the goddamn situation you don't have an idea what is it about. You want to leave them alone and let them wallow in self pity but then you get too worried that you end up bugging them to tell you just because you have no idea on how to handle it.

It's all pretty crazy but you're already affected and it sucks you in like a vacuum.

I should learn to leave things alone but I always feel the need to help out but I end up not helping at all. From now on I won't care about other people let themselves up. I'm tired of dealing with other people's shit. One person out of my life is not going to make a difference, I've had enough worrying about the shit that happens to their life and those people does not even appreciate that. I don't need other people giving me headache I have enough of that on my own. I knew it I should just quit talking those nonsense.

Enough of this! I'm going to lay down and rest. Adios!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

worth to visit

Nobody really has the exact figures of the number of computers and networks that make up the worldwide Net (shortcut term for the Internet).The Internet does not refer to a single network but a combination of various private networks that are joined at certain exchange points throughout the world. Some say that there are more than 30,000 networks linking about 10 million computers that are being used by millions of people based in various countries. The marvelous feature of the internet is that nobody really controls it; nobody really owns it; and nobody can, at a click, turn the Internet off. No wonder the internet is making a million things possible that were not even conceive in earlier technologies. All because the Internet has the awesome capability to connect practically every person and it was nice to find out about the Blogosphere.

Basically, blogs gives you an easy way to share all kinds of digital content, including photos, blogs, video, music and more, all in one convenient place. Your own personal website. With blogs, you can share with everyone in your “social network” and also be alerted whenever they have something new.

Nowadays there’s a lot of social networking and lifestyle portal for connecting with all kinds of people. Name it and for sure you can find it.

What makes blogs interesting is that you can sense the sincerity of the onliner to share: be it a personal tidbit, or his opinion on a bit of news. When I started joining blogging, I learned that you have to maintain a sense of diplomacy in your post, and that I am part of a global community after all, and being considerate of others will make more fun.Although the Internet can be a scary place indeed, and putting up a blog is one of the ways to open up ourselves to the rest of the online community. But how much of yourself you would like to share is really up to you. You have control over that, nobody else. We interact with people everyday and the blogging is simply an extension of this interaction.

Strike a balance whenever you go online. Keep your feet firmly planted in real life by dealing with people in person. Go out and experience things. Don’t get too caught up in the internet world.

The internet and social networking can be a very positive thing if used properly. It can even be a venue for like – minded individuals get together to promote positive changes in society.

Be a good online citizen and have fun!

This is the coldest February in my entire existence.

I made a list of my Top 20 favorites blogs that worth to visit(in no particular order)Take a look of the following:

2.Ms. Noemi
4.Ms.Jessica Zafra's Twisted
5.Mr. Single Guy
8.Ms. Chistine
9.Ms. Shari
11.Ms. Chuvaness
16.Ms. Camille
17.Mr.Luis - kahit 6 years na tinapos HRM crush ko talaga sobraaa...
18.Ms. Sienna
20.Ms. Hogi- ang pinaka pretty na moderator. That's all for now gtg!!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Why is piracy so popular? ... ssshhhh...

You may see because it’s cheaper and sometimes free. People love getting something for free, but nobody gives attention to whether it’s good or bad for the music, film, or other industries. A lot or almost of the people who download music from the web believe it violates copyright laws. So one third of downloaders believe its piracy and others or the rest don’t believe it’s piracy at all.

Where did that come from? They explain: technological innovations perforce result in adjustments made in the way relevant systems operates. When a new technological development comes along, things cannot be expected to remain the same.

Take the invention of the audio and video recorders: owners of such machines are now allowed to make a copy of what they see or hear on records or on TV, provided that the copy is only for their personal use.

But others counter that the pirates’ situation isn’t the same. After all, it’s clear that the many copies they make of other people’s material isn’t for the pirates’ personal use!

So, they should pay royalties to the producers and owners of the original material because a lot of money and creativity has been expanded to produce it. Therefore, the pirates definitely can’t copy it for free! Not that the owners are selfish. It's just if you're making money of their works– ask a permission to them if you really want their stuff.

My good friend ate ss pinpoint that before piracy become rampant, producers of recorded entertainment material were charging too much of their products.

When the pirates sold their unauthorized copies for a pittance, producers were forced to lower their prices and reduce their profits. So in a sense, the buying public has benefited from the rise of piracy.

We know that the problem is much more complex than that, but the discussion has been initiated.

May it be joined by a representative range of voices, so that confounding situation can be resolved or at least mitigated with more enlightened action in the near future.


I've been receiving a lot of requests from people on earth if I could download all the episodes of princess hours to my you tube account.I'm very surprised the same time shocked.I felt insulted although I'm very capable of doing it but I'm not stupid, I respect the copyright laws and I'm not a fan of piracy.

So for those people that really like to have the copy of princess hours I suggest that you visit this site : trinketi, probably she could help you guys . For all I knew that person is selling stuff of Princess Hours email her at trinketi at yahoo to view more titles visit freewebs or mydvds . That would be all thanks!!!

Nothing to say about this...discovery

If you come from North America or northern Europe, you are probably used to people saying what they mean and meaning what they say – but not every culture is so direct. In most Asia, the Middle Eastland southern Europe communication is far more complex, and non-verbal gestures are often used to convey a person’s true feelings.
However, when a simple gesture can have so many meanings, things can get a little tricky.

In most cultures, men stand before they are introduced to someone important in order to show politeness and respect. In the west, someone will usually offer to shake hands, yet this most basic of introductions can have implications.

Most American like a firm handshake, but if you shake a Frenchman’s hand that way; he’s likely to think you’re uncultured. The French prefer a light, short handshake, as do most eastern European countries. In the pearl of the orient Philippines, a quick raising of the eyebrows supersedes the need for handshakes; don’t worry, nothing is being insinuated.

The Russian are highly tactile greeters and a kiss on the lips is commonplace – misinterpret this and your friendship may well get off on the wrong foot. Be warned: don’t take this habit to nearby Uzbekistan.

If you’re on business in Hong Kong, passing your business card and accepting someone else’s should be done with both hands. In Japan, even a very small item should such as pencil must be passed with two hands. Just remember that in many middle and far eastern countries, it is rude to pass something with your left hand, which is considered “unclean”.

Smile and the world smile with you, right? Wrong. Different cultures have different reason for smiling at strangers is considered inappropriate behaviors. The Japanese may smile when they are confused or angry. In other parts of Asia, people may smile when they are embarrassed.

Did your mother not tell you that is rude to point? Well it is still best way to select an object in a country where you don’t speak the language, but better think twice about using your index finger to point to a person. A nod of the head is a much safer bet.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Actions speak louder than words

The person who pretends is tense. The person who is honest is at peace.

There is a line in the “Desiderata” that says “speak your truth quietly and clearly.” If you have the truth and if you speak the truth, you don’t have to shout in rage or anger.

Words can teach, but works can teach more. Are you a person who needs to speak less and do more?

And isn't it disgraceful, isn't it humiliating! You long to live, yet you yourself entangle life's problems in logical confusion. And how importunate, how impudent your antics, and how frightened you are at the same time! You talk nonsense, and are pleased with it. You make insolent remarks, yet you are constantly afraid and apologetic. You insist that you fear nothing, yet at the same time you try to ingratiate yourself. You assure us that you grit your teeth, but at the same time you are trying to be witty, to make us laugh. You know that your jokes aren't witty, but you seem to be extremely pleased with their literary quality. You may, perhaps, have really suffered on occasion, but you don't have the slightest respect for your suffering. There is some truth in you too, but no modesty; out of the pettiest vanity, you bring your truth to the marketplace, you expose it to shame..."

Monday, February 5, 2007

sunshine moment

We generally do not appreciate the blessings we have received. Instead, we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the bad deck of cards we have been given.

Each one of us has given the gifts “life, intelligence, will, grace, freedom of choice”. Moreover despite our many faults, we can truly say that our people greatest assets. The general kindness, amiability, adaptability, and patience of our people must be taken as plus, properly added to our ability to go out there and pitch for ourselves. Just think of our family: most of the parents are sacrificing a lot for the welfare of their beloved children.

Right now I feel that God is being extra good to me the past few months. Am I being spoiled just liked when I was a child.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

let the countdown begin:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released on 21 July 2007 click this for more info.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Bringing their INNER Beauty OUT

I found and first heard these campaign to my good friend san :) over the internet last year while preparing for some modules. My mom and aunt really used Dove for their skin, so when I heard it, pardon me, but I blurted out "What~ the freaken ad that?" or something to that epek. hehe.

Actually Bea and Moks (both psychology graduates) made a study about human behavior and confirmed that looks affect the way we treat people. That's the sad reality of life!

We all have inner beauty and I truly believe that person should be admired by his or her character, intelligence and integrity. But that's not the reality.

So if people are hooked on looks first, then we have no choice but to put a proper investment in our health, particular in our skin. Because sooner or later it bring out the best in all of us and that's the power of it.