Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Actions speak louder than words

The person who pretends is tense. The person who is honest is at peace.

There is a line in the “Desiderata” that says “speak your truth quietly and clearly.” If you have the truth and if you speak the truth, you don’t have to shout in rage or anger.

Words can teach, but works can teach more. Are you a person who needs to speak less and do more?

And isn't it disgraceful, isn't it humiliating! You long to live, yet you yourself entangle life's problems in logical confusion. And how importunate, how impudent your antics, and how frightened you are at the same time! You talk nonsense, and are pleased with it. You make insolent remarks, yet you are constantly afraid and apologetic. You insist that you fear nothing, yet at the same time you try to ingratiate yourself. You assure us that you grit your teeth, but at the same time you are trying to be witty, to make us laugh. You know that your jokes aren't witty, but you seem to be extremely pleased with their literary quality. You may, perhaps, have really suffered on occasion, but you don't have the slightest respect for your suffering. There is some truth in you too, but no modesty; out of the pettiest vanity, you bring your truth to the marketplace, you expose it to shame..."

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