Friday, July 13, 2007

I love Hindi Kita Malilimutan song!

Here is the video from the Open Palm c/o Erwin Arandia.

Ever since I started singing with my smdp, music chorale,& w/ other groups Open Palm songs were always part of it. :) I just had to comment here! Wowwww - Open Palm - Holy Jesuits! ;) I love their songs, especially Hindi Kita Malilimutan!!! Buti kamo Atenista pala sila girlalulalulalu , and they got a lot of holy friends! Galing!!! Well, I'm really sure that the Chinese Priest, Fr. Ben, Roma or some blockmates will give me a copy of CD Hindi Kita Malilimutan ,just liked the God of Silence CD!:):

I too feel weary of discussing their choir with my current school. I know I promised myself I'll try to be more substantial; however the urgency to be light and bubbly and jologs again has escalated that I need to share it kahit dito lang. (Ok, that probably came out condescendingly funny but whatebs!)

Sometimes, things need to be jologs. But I'm happy; happy that I could sing again "Hindi Kita Malilimutan", next week at Diliman Campus. I must admit na hindi ko masyado gusto 'yung kanta iyon, dahil mga 7 beses lang naman pinakanta ito sa amin ( in my high school-based choir) , na putol-putol pa dahil sa kakaiyak sa patay/libing.

Makatarungan ba 'yon?! na ipakanta sa libing yun ,bata pa talaga ako 'nun. Eh dati walang ako kamalay-malay sa history kung paano nabuo kanta iyon.Tapos mag-expect ng malalim at makabuluhang pagkanta nun sa libing! Makatarungan ba naman pinakanta yun sa high school students! I never did get to sing it again. So that's why am very glad for the first time, next week we're going to sing it again on a nice occasions.
 Bukas Palad songs serve an ideal and set a good example among many as there are lots of angelic voices singing your prayers to God!. Maybe right now I feel like am in limbo, but think of it as more of an astrological waiting room rather than a grey area. I'm actually preparing to do something rather daring or out-of-character. Perhaps planning to end an old friendship or relationship that's too limiting, or ready to renew an alliance that has some life in it yet. The stars encourage (and reward) bravery, so get ready, get set ... and go! All i could say for sure " Hindi ko talaga Malilimutan" iyon. Embrace change today -- new opportunities will create exciting travel opportunities.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The new Simpsons Movie trailer!

hahahaha!! parang sira ulo na ko nung pinapanood ko eto, ewan ko bakit pero bentang benta talaga sa akin hahaha!