Wednesday, February 14, 2007

pathetic survey

hahahaha.....I'm not PRONE TO CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!!!Especially that I'm practicing for many years the virtue of active non-violence and even they're people tend to mistaken my kindness and my mission to play safe,thus showering others with my 'kindness',I neglect the feelings of those who are closest to me sometimes. Wahahahahaha! :)I wonder if I am just too sensitive, or if people are just plain rude? ...Hmm...maybe both?...

When a someone leaves a comment, reaction, opinion that shows your failing it’s very easy to respond harshly in a defensive manner. We’ve all seen the flaming that can ensue. While it’s not easy - a graceful approach to comments or react where you admit where you are wrong and others is right can bring out the lurkers and make them feel a little safer in leaving comments.

Yadda, I took this survey or test this morning asking how capable I was of killing... hala... check it out...

Probability of killing, 27%

You havent seen much, exept a few injuries and of course on TV. You may have a few problems with yourself and others from here to there, but there is a great chance you wont ever get pushed that far.

Are you capable of killing

Don't you just hate it when people tell you that something is wrong and then they don't tell you what it is. They really leave you guessing on what happened and then you worry like hell for their well being because they start talking about doing shit to themselves. If something is bothering you just let it out.

The worst of it is when they go I don't know why they're like that. What the hell of an explanation is that if you don't know what's making you upset then why get upset at all. It's pretty stupid to be upset something you're not sure of. Why not find out what is it first before reacting. You on the other hand will try to comfort them but you just can't do anything to change what had happened.

One other part that sucks so much is that you get affected too because you care for them and would not want them to be in that situation. You get all frustrated and you go through being annoyed, worried, angry all at the same time since you feel useless for not being able to help them out on the goddamn situation you don't have an idea what is it about. You want to leave them alone and let them wallow in self pity but then you get too worried that you end up bugging them to tell you just because you have no idea on how to handle it.

It's all pretty crazy but you're already affected and it sucks you in like a vacuum.

I should learn to leave things alone but I always feel the need to help out but I end up not helping at all. From now on I won't care about other people let themselves up. I'm tired of dealing with other people's shit. One person out of my life is not going to make a difference, I've had enough worrying about the shit that happens to their life and those people does not even appreciate that. I don't need other people giving me headache I have enough of that on my own. I knew it I should just quit talking those nonsense.

Enough of this! I'm going to lay down and rest. Adios!

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