Saturday, February 17, 2007

Seriously I can't BELIEVE it was Fun!

I am posting again another quiz result that I took only few minutes ago.It's showed really the desired things of your heart, quite frankly, I can't believe it.

I guess what the result of that test is that all those who have taken the time out to read this is that life is many things but it is least of all what we expect it to be NOW! Many of us are in a rush to find the RIGHT job, the RIGHT person, the RIGHT life...but do we really need to have everything in order all the time, all at once? In a movie I once watched they said..."the best things in life are total mistakes" and I agree..:) Make mistakes, open your mind, think out of the box, take leaps, give in, let go, live up to your strengths, have the grace to accept your weaknesses, know when enough is enough and when it is time to push...we grow from mistakes, we are who we are because we had fallen and learned to stand amidst it all.

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