Friday, February 2, 2007

Bringing their INNER Beauty OUT

I found and first heard these campaign to my good friend san :) over the internet last year while preparing for some modules. My mom and aunt really used Dove for their skin, so when I heard it, pardon me, but I blurted out "What~ the freaken ad that?" or something to that epek. hehe.

Actually Bea and Moks (both psychology graduates) made a study about human behavior and confirmed that looks affect the way we treat people. That's the sad reality of life!

We all have inner beauty and I truly believe that person should be admired by his or her character, intelligence and integrity. But that's not the reality.

So if people are hooked on looks first, then we have no choice but to put a proper investment in our health, particular in our skin. Because sooner or later it bring out the best in all of us and that's the power of it.

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kuya dom said...

But heck, I love this campaigned! I Love that neng, sorry ! But on the lighther spirit I'm very agree to what you've said.