Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Why is piracy so popular? ... ssshhhh...

You may see because it’s cheaper and sometimes free. People love getting something for free, but nobody gives attention to whether it’s good or bad for the music, film, or other industries. A lot or almost of the people who download music from the web believe it violates copyright laws. So one third of downloaders believe its piracy and others or the rest don’t believe it’s piracy at all.

Where did that come from? They explain: technological innovations perforce result in adjustments made in the way relevant systems operates. When a new technological development comes along, things cannot be expected to remain the same.

Take the invention of the audio and video recorders: owners of such machines are now allowed to make a copy of what they see or hear on records or on TV, provided that the copy is only for their personal use.

But others counter that the pirates’ situation isn’t the same. After all, it’s clear that the many copies they make of other people’s material isn’t for the pirates’ personal use!

So, they should pay royalties to the producers and owners of the original material because a lot of money and creativity has been expanded to produce it. Therefore, the pirates definitely can’t copy it for free! Not that the owners are selfish. It's just if you're making money of their works– ask a permission to them if you really want their stuff.

My good friend ate ss pinpoint that before piracy become rampant, producers of recorded entertainment material were charging too much of their products.

When the pirates sold their unauthorized copies for a pittance, producers were forced to lower their prices and reduce their profits. So in a sense, the buying public has benefited from the rise of piracy.

We know that the problem is much more complex than that, but the discussion has been initiated.

May it be joined by a representative range of voices, so that confounding situation can be resolved or at least mitigated with more enlightened action in the near future.


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