Friday, February 23, 2007

Is this the modern Pinay?

Filipino Women in general are strong – willed and independent. They perceive a career as measure of achievement and self worth. They decide for themselves.

Based on a study conduct by geiser, Filipino women today are modern in terms of their outlook on gender equality but tend still to be conservative particularly in relationships.

Their focus remains to be on relationship with their parents and the welfare of their family. This situates today’s Pinay as part of the evolving women group in Asia. Most Filipino women perceive themselves to be part of a growing trend ~ a sense of liberation in career and society.

The ACNielsen Worldwide study showed that women in Asia are clearly more independent, know what they want and are not afraid to speak their minds. They may still hold dear to their traditional values such as filial piety, respect of the family and performing their duties as good wife, mother and daughter but many have breakthrough to see the importance of personal fulfillment and self-actualization throughtheir career and social work.

We are seeing across markets that women are enjoying being a women and thinking about what they want to get out of their lives. Hong kong, Taiwan and Singapore women are most advanced in terms of their status and position as women in their societies. Chinese women are fast catching up and the evolving groups of women are those from our country together with Thailand and Malaysia.

Acnielsen findings revealed that Philippines have the highest number of women earning more than their spouses, followed by Singapore. Filipino women agree that even if married, they should have savings of their own. They see the financial independence guarantees one’s security. However they believe that money does not dictates who wears the pants in the relationship.

Women in the Philippines (together with Malaysia) are most positive about marriage. When asked which Filipino women would prefer – a great body or beautiful face – preferences are more even. For a Pinay, inner beauty counts more than physical appearance. Beauty is equated with confidence and intelligence.

Out of 10 Filipinas, 5 out of them are the modern day Darna – these women aim to balance career and family life. Their career gives them pleasure and a sense of achievement but they still feel that it is still the family that matter most; and the others are the classic Maria Clara who embodies a more subdued personality and outlook in life. So who are you among the clusters that mentioned above? You’d probably have a guess by now.

This looks like the area I’ll be staying at. So this the center of the universe, huh?view of SFO financial district...


S.O. said...

Haven't checked you in the longest time O_o...nice to see this new blog of yours.Congrats congrats! Has it been more than 5 months since you,c and I go out? woohoo, the richness is still protected =p happy monthsary! nyahaha. wooow, time does fly., time flies.Miss you dear :D

let's go said...

Haha, this post is absolutely women power! The premise I could understand completely since I'm Proud Pinay.

olives pretty said...

And this post was nice. You're awesome. Haha. I'm suddenly inspired to draw the modern pinay characters heroes in like hip-hop clothing or something.