Saturday, January 13, 2007

Everybody is "Kasali and" Kasalo" in this "Kasal", No formal invitation necessary

I had every intention of writing a review after I saw the movie “KKK" last week, but it’s hard to write a review when you have so much opinion.Like many Filipinos, I particularly enjoyed watching this movie. When the lights went up in the theater, I turned to my friend Chaye, the girl who has her books catalogued in her laptop, who thinks Joe D'Mango’s theories are common conversation fare, and who can argue the social significance of a piece of cheese.

“So,” I asked, “Did you enjoy it?”
“Uh. I agree with you it was feel good movie.”
The movie is already being talked about. Those who have seen the “KKK” are one in saying; they had won the people’s heart. Juday – Ryan fans won’t be disappointed.

As a whole I learned a lot from “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” and I’m sure my readers would agree to me that “one is that couple’s problem should stay within just the two of them. It shouldn’t leak to anyone else. It’s always between you and your partner and not you and your surrounding. If you want a messy marriage then just spread your problems. For a quiet life, settle your differences together peacefully. Communication as a key to ironing out relationship that wrinkles. Couples should find time to talk which is an integral part of a relationship because it always results to better understanding of each other". I’m speaking like I’m married. hehe, that’s nice. Probably ten years from now then I’ll have my own children of course with my special someone, I’m sure that time both of us are out of rat race.

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your right girl mwah hawak kamay same content of LJ and wordpress you copy lang.galing sana my multiple posting mwah see you tomorrow