Sunday, January 7, 2007

Would you date someone very famous?

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when we’re talking about the pretty faces you see in media, their kind of beauty will pop the eyes out of any beholder’s head. Let’s face it; they’re beautiful for a living. They get paid to look like a million bucks, and they make all the guys ‘head spin because of it. Any and every boy out there would give their right arm to date a supermodel, an actress, or a beauty queen. Or would they? While it is fun to imagine (to the guy point of view) what it would be like to have a model dropped on their arms, it’s not necessarily a lifestyle every guy would like to lead. Believe it or not, a surprisingly large number of boys would still choose to end up with a friend, a neighbor, or the girl next door. Ordinary girls still have a lot of things going for them when compared to high – profile ladies, and a lot of cases will prove that point. How, you ask? Well, let’s see…
1. Guys want someone they can be themselves with.
If a guy had the chance to take a supermodel out on a date, chances are they wouldn’t bring them to a Jollibee or McDonald. It just wouldn’t be right, right? But the majority of guys want someone who’ll they can have fun with. They want someone naughty and nice type. Someone who’s exciting not boring, and crazy enough to make him laugh. And nice would mean who wouldn’t cheat on him.
2. Friendship is more important than looks.
A boy between on the age of 22-30 actually has the means to bring a celebrity lady out on a date. What would they end up talking about? They’d probably end up laboring over small talk regarding careers, politics, fashion and gadgets, while the guy tries to get the hang of what Ms. Celebrity is into. Whereas if he simply a dated a long time friend, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything, because they’re already familiar with each other’s habits, like, and dislikes. So what would a guy choose? The answer’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?
3. The recognition factor can be a bit too much.
These are models, after all, whose faces are plastered on TVs, posters, and billboards everywhere. So if the guy walks around with one, most, if not all, eyes will be on him and his hot date. Some guys may like the attention, but others will wilt under the intense spot light. To keep something quiet, everything has to be low –key. Besides, can you imagine how weird it could get when your date’s enlarged face is grinning at you from across the road?
4. Guys do like to feel secure.
These ladies look hot and probably (make that definitely) make more money than him. It’s hard for a guy to maintain his self – image and keep his cool when he’s with someone whose smile puts out a million megawatts and who seems as well- known as the pope.
5. Work can get in the way.
When you go out with someone who looks good for a living, you have to put up with the hectic lifestyle that goes with it as well. These ladies are at the becks and call of their chosen profession, so it’s not impossible that their guys won’t see them for weeks or even months at a time ~ and there’s nothing they can do about it. Guys need their significant others around (although they’ll rarely admit it), so why would they go for someone who probably wont be around most of the time?
At the end of it all, what guys look for is someone with a great personality and who’s not afraid to be herself no matter what. There are probably a lot of celebrity chicks like that, but these ladies will always have an image to nurture and protect ~ and that may be a hindrance. Ordinary girls, on the other hand, have the advantage of not having to live up to someone else’s standards, and so they can be themselves 24/7. A high – profile lady will probably worry so much about her looks that she’ll spend an eternity in the powder room trying to get that “just right” look. The friend or girl – next – door probably won’t be as high-maintenance as a society girl, so that’s an immediate plus.

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