Monday, January 1, 2007

Cheers to a New Year

Today being the first day of the New Year, we also celebrate “World Day of Peace.”

Here’s a glass to usher in 2007!

Peace to those I might have hurt the past year, including my beloved colleagues who might still be smarting from jabs and uppercuts thrown their way. I seek forgiveness from the bottom of my heart.

I know I have hurt one or two, or even more. I am sorry and I apologize.

Not to pontificate but always, there should be no ifs and buts if you are sorry or else, you are not sorry at all, you are not sincere in asking for forgiveness, you are not genuine in apologizing for your misdeed.

To those who think they might have hurt me, never worry one teeny – weeny bit. If I can dish it out, I can take punches, too.

Christmas LAST December 25 was about the Child, the birth of Jesus Christ OUR Lord.

Today is about the mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary – she with the eternal symbol of peace, patience and love.

God entrusted the fragile baby Jesus under the care of the Blessed Mother. As we begin the New Year, let us entrust ourselves and the tear ahead of us under the hands of our Loving Mother.

There’s a beautiful message of the Blessed mother in Guadalupe, Mexico: “Yo estoy aqui, que soy tu madre. No tengas mied en el mundo!” (“I am here, I’m your mother. Do not fear I am near!”)

We do not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future in his hands. Like the Blessed Mother, let us be more trusting in God’s providence and love!

Let us listen again to our mother who tells us: “Remember my child, when you are happy, I’m happy. When you are sad, I am sad. When you do well, I jump with joy. When you do badly, I cry, but I will always be your mother.

Happy New Year!!!

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