Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bones For Hungry Dogs

The Webster dictionary defines bonuses as monies paid on top of someone’s normal compensation plan.
As far as my department is concerned, our net income to date is more or less the same as that of January to October last year. At glance, this may not seem much. However, a close examination of the company’s financial statement tell us that these earnings were made despite the fact that our present monthly provision for possible account losses is 5% ( 50,000) compare to 0.1% ( 1,000) last year ( for every advertisement / media research release). The department is very much aware of the purpose. This would not have been possible if not for the collective efforts of the staff.
I know that it is a management prerogative, in the exercise of its business judgment, to grant a bonus to its employees. And I believe department staff deserves it in recognition of their industry, loyalty, excellent performance, good behavior, and exemplary deeds on beyond the call of duty. Sometimes, creative / media/research need to work at night and even on two in the morning including Saturdays and Sundays. Not to mention, that embracing the nature of our work has never been easy.
As saying goes; “you’ve got to give to get”. It’s as simple as that. The more resources and attention you give them, the more aesthetically pleasant they get. The same is true for the staff. The more you give them rewards, praise, feedback, attention, incentives, growth opportunities, the more they give dedication, hard work, positive attitude, and creativity, simply put motivation.
Presently we do have problems and flaws in our department. But we don’t give up. As time goes by, our portfolio will improve. As long as we make improvements, we will see positive results. They may not come overnight, but as they say, “Rome was not built in a day.”
We work hard. The bonus is a gift that springs from the generosity of the employer. We believe there is rhyme and reason to reward us.

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