Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On the road

Smallest car in Europe? The same car Sophie drove in Da Vinci Code.

I’ve said it many times to my good friend r.mesina but I will say it again here so that my readers can see my point of view. Most if not all, of the traffic signs in the metropolis are placed on spot where traffic enforces love to congregate.You’ll be a hypocrite if you say you don’t know the reason for that – enforces’ congregation, that is “Unloading and loading” signs almost everywhere. Also, the “No Stopping Anytime” sign as visible as the “No Parking” Sign. But come to think of it. Most, if not all, of them are placed on areas where it is convenient for both commuters and bus jeepney drivers to go to.

Usually, the traffic signs are placed far away from where it is convenient for commuters to flag their public rides. Take the case of the overpass. Isn’t it convenient for commuters if “Loading / unloading” signs are placed near overpass? But no, you will find the signs a bit farther from an overpass, thus inconveniencing commuters as they need to still walk another mile or two from he stairs of an overpass.

Such signs also lure the bus /jeepney / taxi / revo & fx dribers to laod / unload their passengers at the foot of an over pass – right in front of the “ No loading / Unloading” Signs – to ease the inconvenience of their customers.

Most of the time, traffic enforces ignore violations. Again, if you don’t know the reason, you were born yesterday. Once in awhile, traffic enforcers enforce the law. Again, if you don’t know the reason, you were born yesterday. Anyway, corruption it is that makes traffic enforces to either ignore the violations or enforce the laws. Bottom-line is, the traffic signs are there yes, but they are placed on areas that are actually convenient for bus and any other public vehicles drivers’ passengers and traffic enforcers you know what I mean. It is only when a traffic enforcer is either in a bad mood or new in the beat – or his superior suddenly gets temperamental through a sudden apprehension. In short, corruption my dear is the other meaning of traffic sign in the metropolis.


jemelyn said...

ate wow I discovered your new site galing yippeee

kenneth ross j said...

For me, you better wait to your sundo, or call me I mean literally,so this thing won't happen again.great blog keep writing and I'm just here around thinking your thoughts...hehehe