Friday, May 11, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother

PBB proved that puppy and kitty-cute face has the right to stay within public interest. Otherwise, they will but naturally fall out of the game of survival of the fittest - attesting to corollary law of instant fame: disposable stardom.

This is also where the irony lies. The thousands who dream of worming their way into media's spotlight are seemingly blinded by the promise and not the consequence. Yes, the spotlight may find its way into existence of the chosen few, but how long will last? How many of them proudly pour their hearts out about stories of dysfunctional lives and poverty, perform for the voyeuristic masses to win sympathy and hopefully admiration as investment to achieve stardom? And how many of them eventually find out that they are back to where they started when all the hoopla is over? Having tasted the intoxicating sound of applause, the return to the real world possesses all the subtleties of a plane crash.

PBB shows were meant to be social experiments feeding on the insatiable curiosity of the ordinary about the equally ordinary. But out here, they have turned into nothing more but searches for the newest faces to crowd the television screen. And there is an entirely different reality behind that.

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