Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Get ready for Christmas 2006

Everyone has a birthday. This month, we will be celebrating the birthday of Jesus. No one really knows exactly when Jesus was born and there have been many speculations about the exact date of his birth. But what matter most is that he was born to Mary and Joseph so he could save us all. That’s why Christmas is a time of rejoicing, for giving and sharing and for loving one another as Jesus loves us.

With Christmas only five days away, it’s time to get ready. There is so much to look forward too. The four weeks before Christmas are called “Advent”,which comes from a Latin word meaning “arrival” or “to come”. Christmas is the much awaited season of the year. Filipinos loved it so much that you can hear Christmas carols being played over the radio as soon as the months ends on –ber, as in September, October, and November. This is also the busiest time of the year. This is the time when we get to visit relatives and friends, and enjoy traditional Christmas fare.

To me Christmas, it is a time to contemplate on how blessed one is throughout the year in spite of trials. It is also a time of forgiving, sharing and kindness towards family, officemates, strangers and most especially (gulp!) people you don’t like.

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